IBM Websphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration (IBM Press Information Management Series) by Roland Barcia, Keys Botzum, Tom Alcott, Bill Hines, Keys Botzum


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(Hardcover - New Edition)

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  • Pub. Date: August 2004
  • 695pp
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    • Pub. Date: August 2004
    • Publisher:IBM Press
    • Format: Hardcover, 695pp


    The expert guide to deploying and managing any WebSphere Application Server V5.x application and environment

    If you're a WebSphere Application Server administrator or developer, this is your advanced guide for delivering applications rapidly, running them smoothly, and administering them efficiently. Four leading IBM consultants draw on their years of experience to illuminate the key steps involved in taking WebSphere Application Server applications from development to production. They focus on the areas most crucial to success, including application assembly and build, application and infrastructure configuration and administration, and application testing and verification. Along the way, they show how to implement automated deployment processes that can be executed frequently, reliably, and quickly -- so you can get your applications to market fast. The focus is on WebSphere Application Server Version 5.1, but much of the information applies to other versions.

    Coverage includes:

    • Installing, testing, and managing WebSphere Application Server environments: clustering, security, messaging, integration, and more
    • Deploying and managing key J2EE technologies: JDBC, Connectors, EJB, container managed and message driven beans, transactions, JMS, JavaMail, and more
    • Deploying highly available, scalable multi-node WebSphere Application Server environments: clustering, distributed session management, and edge components
    • Advanced considerations: working with Java Management Extensions, caching, and much more
    • Performance tuning tools
    • Troubleshooting
    • Leveraging key WebSphere deployment and administration tools: ANT, wsadmin, Admin Console, and the Application Server Toolkit.
    • Advanced discussions of J2EE and architectural concepts you need to deploy successfully -- with practical examples

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    Roland Barcia is a Consulting I/T Specialist with IBM's Software Services for WebSphere, and he specializes in helping enterprise clients implement WebSphere, J2EE, and Web services solutions.

    Bill Hines is a Certified Consulting I/T Specialist with IBM's Software Services for WebSphere. His expertise includes installation, configuration, tuning, dynacache, security, troubleshooting, and design/architecture of enterprise J2EE WebSphere applications.

    Tom Alcott is an IBM Consulting I/T Specialist and a member of IBM's World Wide WebSphere technical sales support team, assisting customers in both the United States and abroad.

    Keys Botzum is a Senior Consulting I/T Specialist with IBM Software Services for WebSphere. He has over 10 years' experience in large-scale distributed system design and now specializes in security.

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    IBM Websphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration (IBM Press Information Management Series)by Anonymous

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    December 02, 2004: This book is a beautiful thing. If you're new to WebSphere in any capacity, and if you want to get the lay of the land with terminology and concepts, this is a fantastic place to start. Unlike a lot of technical publications from IBM, this book is not merely a re-hashed compilation of various Redbooks. This is great, creative technical writing.

    IBM Websphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration (IBM Press Information Management Series)by Anonymous

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    September 27, 2004: This book is basically a sequel to another recent text, 'IBM WebSphere System Administration'. Here, Barcia et al focus on the problems involved in deploying a WebSphere application. It may be heavily used, within a large company, say, or exposed to many queries from users coming from anywhere on the Internet. They point out that numerous books exist to aid developers of J2EE applications, but relatively few on how you would then deploy and continually administer those applications. Partly, this imbalance is due to the container-specific nature of the latter texts. As shown here. The book has a comprehensive discussion of how to manage a WebSphere. But relatively little carries over to running JBoss or Oracle's 10g server, for example. A useful feature of the book is how it can help a regular sysadmin make the transition to being a WebSphere sysadmin. A possible upward career move. The knowledge here is more specialised than that for running a generic AIX or linux cluster. But there is enough overlap in some topics to make it a logical move. For example, the book talks about the WAS network deployment architecture. Essentially, it is for load balancing and redundancy. The natural purview of your sysadmin. Also, if you're not a sysadmin, but an IT manager facing WebSphere deployment issues, you may want to consider redeploying a sysadmin here. Show her this book and see if she's interested.