Enterprise Application Architecture W/VB ASP by Joseph Moniz


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  • Pub. Date: April 1999
  • 787pp
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    • Pub. Date: April 1999
    • Publisher:Wrox Press, Inc.
    • Format: Hardcover, 787pp


    This book is about delivering professional Enterprise systems in Visual Basic 6. This book begins where Professional VB5/6 Business Objects left off. It offers a sophisticated response to the Business Objects book, and takes the dialog further. It also offers an aware response to the techno-political situation at the Enterprise level for Visual Basic. By definition, the task of delivering an enterprise is a huge undertaking. Microsoft's enterprise offerings have evolved to the point where they pose a serious threat to existing enterprise level platforms. Microsoft's promised lower total cost of ownership is driving many companies to replace at least a portion of their enterprise systems with Windows NT Enterprise Server and Back Office suite of servers. While there are many books that consider some portion or another of the enterprise, there few if any that address the enterprise as a whole while still providing the technical details developers and integration teams require for real-world execution and delivery. The information required to stitch together the components essential for an enterprise system can only be found scattered across several tens of manuals that span many disciplines. Managers and developers alike need a clear vision of what constitutes an enterprise system. This book is designed to consider the problem of delivering an enterprise as a whole. It covers hardware from a developer's perspective. It provides step-by-step installation and configuration instructions for Windows NT Cluster server and the Back Office suite of servers. Then it expands upon and improves the Professional Visual Basic 5.0 Object methodology.

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