Fools for Scandal: How The Media Invented Whitewater by Gene Lyons, Harper's Magazine (With)


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  • Pub. Date: January 2010
  • 224pp
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    • Pub. Date: January 2010
    • Publisher:Harper's Magazine Foundation
    • Format: Paperback, 224pp


    Before he created, with Joe Conason, The Hunting of the President, the critically acclaimed documentary film about Whitewater, Gene Lyons published his research into the Whitewater scandal in Harper's. That research later became a book - Fools for Scandal, which scathingly debunks the "received wisdom" that was handed down to the national media with the Whitewater "scandal." Lyons shows the reader a media (especially The New York Times) that was driven to pin something - anything-on the Clintons, and that, in its impassioned quest for scandal, found itself making strange bedfellows with right-wing organizations such as Citizens United, and leading Republicans Al D'Amato and Lauch Faircloth. For anyone curious to understand how the printing press becomes a political machine, Fools for Scandal is illuminating, engaging, and revealing.

    American Spectator

    Gene Lyons is more than just wrong.

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    Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewaterby Anonymous

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    March 03, 2000: Gene Lyons a brilliant reporter traces the footsteps of Whitewater. Although you may not agree with his conclusions he points out several relevant facts. The book takes us through Whitewater and life long foes and friends of the Clintons. Often your friends help your foes just like Lyons points out. Regardless, public servants know the Appearance of Impropriety can be just as damaging as a proven impropriety. 17 convictions on Whitewater events is proof that something was wrong, just because it did not connect a president due to self imposed silence, illnesses and deaths of witnesses does not mean a media was after a president. What it means is questions were never answered at the beginning and changed at the end, leaving doubt and past history of a couple with dubious deceptive duplicity on past events. However, the author still points out items worthy of discussion but not complete exoneration. Whatever the authors says, the Clinton?s did not help themselves by being caught in questionable dealing far above their intelligence.