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    The Big Book of Me: My Baby Book by Alice Wong, Naomi Irie (Created by)


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    • Pub. Date: September 2005
    • 80pp
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      • Pub. Date: September 2005
      • Publisher:Welcome Enterprises
      • Format: Hardcover, 80pp


      A beautiful page for each adorable smile. An inspiring quote for each memorable moment. Finally, an album that has a place for everything baby does and highlights it all with the colorful charm each baby memory deserves. The Big Book of Me: My Baby Book is a delightful album, embellished with full-color vintage illustrations, exquisite line drawings, and quotations that allow parents to capture, organize, and display the best of all those precious moments and images.

      The Big Book of Me: My Baby Book is a place to record all the essentials about baby’s arrival, family tree, milestones, and accomplishments. And unlike other baby books on the market, this book extends further to capture the simple, every day moments as well. Record the silly things that makes baby giggle in “That’s Funny” with pictures of wide-open smiles. Capture the dreams and thoughts mom or dad has as he or she stares in wonder at peacefully sleeping baby in “Sweet Dreams.” Don’t forget that not all memorable moments are sweet! What really gets baby going can be remembered in “I’m Mad!”

      In The Big Book of Me, parents weave together their little one’s story with text and images. This beautiful tribute to Baby is sure to bring pleasure, grins–and a few tears–for years to come.

      Special Pages for milestones:

      I Arrive Growth Chart I Can Sit, Crawl, Walk, and Run! First Tooth and Words First Birthday First Holidays

      Places to record family memories :

      Family Tree In Anticipation Predictions Letter from Mom Letter from Dad Mommy and Me My Family and Me Furry Friends

      A spot to remember things you never want to forget:

      Imprints (Fingerprints/Footprints) First Loves That’s Funny! I’m Mad! Sweet Dreams My Favorite Things Best Friends I Love Food!

      Pages for important days and everyday things:

      My Day Outings Bath Time Musical Me The Artist In Class Vacations It’s Spring Summertime Fun It’s Fall Wintertime Fun


      ALICE WONG is a project director at Welcome Books. She has produced or edited numerous titles, including The Little Big Book for Moms and The Little Big Book for Grandmothers. She has three daughters, and lives in New York City.

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