Are You Chanukah or Christmas? by Felicia Miller-Stehr: Book Cover

    Are You Chanukah or Christmas? by Felicia Miller-Stehr


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    • Pub. Date: October 2008
    • 32pp
    • Sales Rank: 708,034

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      • Pub. Date: October 2008
      • Publisher:AuthorHouse
      • Format: Paperback, 32pp
      • Sales Rank: 708,034


      Are you Chanukah or Christmas? is the perfect holiday book for children 2-7 years old who celebrate one holiday or two and have the desire to find meaning on both! Set in New York City, a whimsical little girl named Sofia takes us on her holiday adventure as she walks along the streets of Manhattan asking passersby which holiday they celebrate. From her nail lady to a business man, to a woman sipping tea, she wonders then asks, if they have a Menorah or a Christmas tree. In lovely riddle rhymes, each answer she gets puts a smile on her face, teaches her about the different ways people celebrate and keeps her yearning to learn more. From the Dog Walker to the Taxi Driver, their unique answers feed her imagination until unexpectedly she is approached by a little boy who has secretly been following her on her adventure. He turns the tables on her and asks “Are YOU Chanukah or Christmas?” To his surprise, she is overjoyed to be asked the question she’s been asking others and goes on to explain that she celebrates BOTH holidays! “It doesn't matter how you celebrate or what holiday you choose, as long as it’s with the ones you love, you just can't lose!" In the end she had the answer all along and realizes that holidays are about family.

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      Great new childrens book for people who celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or bothby Anonymous

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      October 23, 2008: Buy this book for any child who likes the holidays! This is a lovely children's book that sends a great message that holidays are about spending time with the people you love. I just bought it for my niece so that she can learn that even though people celebrate holidays differntly on the outside ... it's really the same on the inside.