One and Only Shrek!: Plus 5 Other Stories by William Steig, Meryl Streep (Read by), Stanley Tucci (Read by)


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(Hardcover - Unabridged)

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  • Age Range: 4 to 8
  • Pub. Date: April 2007
  • 32pp

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    • Pub. Date: April 2007
    • Publisher:Macmillan Audio
    • Format: Hardcover, 32pp
    • Age Range: 4 to 8


    Before Shrek made it big on the silver screen, there was William Steig's Shrek!, a book about an ordinary ogre who leaves his swampy childhood home to go out and see the world. Ordinary, that is, if a foul and hideous being who ends up marrying the most stunningly ugly princess on the surface of the planet is what you consider ordinary. Shrek! can be found in this collection of six modern picture-book classics by Steig, along with stories concerning creatures ordinary and extraordinary--from Irene, a brave and loving little girl who must battle a howling blizzard, to Spinky, a boy who is so completely annoyed by his family that he no longer has any use for the human race. Gathered together here for the first time, these entertaining stories will delight fans of Steig, both old and new.


    Horribly hideous Shrek leaves home and terrifies everyone he encounters in his search for his equally ugly bride, in an omnibus of six stories: Shrek!, The Amazing Bone, Brave Irene, Spinky Sulks, Caleb and Kate, and Doctor DeSoto, releasing just in time to mark the author's one-hundredth birthday and the release of the next Shrek movie.

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    A sunny, pop-folk vibe pervades Taylor's multimedia concept album for kids. The 10 original, upbeat songs feature a character named Gustafer Yellowgold who hails from the sun, as well as his quirky cast of friends, including flightless pterodactyl Forrest Applecrumble and pet eel Slim. A DVD containing minimally animated versions of Taylor's illustrations allow listeners to share the experience of the Gustafer Yellowgold live shows that Taylor has performed on tour. The catchy guitar riffs, storytelling lyrics and Taylor's bright, versatile singing voice are sure to attract listeners from a wide swath. The blend of silly subject matter and serious musicianship keeps this sound from growing stale upon repeated play. All ages. (Apr.)

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    William Steig (1907-2003) was a cartoonist, illustrator and author of award-winning books for children, including Shrek!, on which the DreamWorks movies are based. Steig was born in New York City. Every member of his family was involved in the arts, and so it was no surprise when he decided to become an artist. He attended City College and the National Academy of Design. In 1930, Steig’s work began appearing in The New Yorker, where his drawings have been a popular fixture ever since. He published his first children's book, Roland the Minstrel Pig, in 1968.


    In 1970, Steig received the Caldecott Medal for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. His books for children also include Dominic; The Real Thief; The Amazing Bone, a Caldecott Honor Book; Amos & Boris, a National Book Award finalist; and Abel's Island and Doctor De Soto, both Newbery Honor Books. Steig's books have also received the Christopher Award, the Irma Simonton Black Award, the William Allen White Children's Book Award, and the American Book Award. His European awards include the Premio di Letteratura per l'infanzia (Italy), the Silver Pencil Award (the Netherlands), and the Prix de la Fondation de France. On the basis of his entire body of work, Steig was selected as the 1982 U.S. candidate for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for Illustration and subsequently as the 1988 U.S. candidate for Writing.


    Stieg also published thirteen collections of drawings for adults, beginning with About People in 1939, and including The Lonely Ones, Male/Female, The Agony in the Kindergarten, and Our Miserable Life.


    He died in Boston at the age of 95.

    Customer Reviews

    An oldie but goodie!!by prrivera03

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    December 03, 2013: This book was recommended by 2 older reading specialists for my second grader who was struggling to read but loves big words! It has words like odoriferous for stinks and banned words like "hate" so it's a little scandalous. SHE LOVED IT!!!!

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for Kids @ TeensReadToo.comby TeensReadToo

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    October 07, 2009: Most people, if not everyone, knows the story of Shrek, thanks to the animated version that was widely successful. But the majority of people probably don't know that Shrek originated with William Steig. And what better way to learn the original story of Shrek than by listening to it on this unabridged recording.

    THE ONE AND ONLY SHREK! is actually a compilation of six stories, the first and most famous being the one of Shrek. But have no fear; the other five stories on the CD are just as fun and interesting as Shrek.

    Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci alternate narrating the stories. So for parents who aren't keen on audio books, listening to these two well-known and adored actors will enhance the experience.

    Meryl Streep is at her best while reading Brave Irene, a story about a young girl determined to get a dress her mother slaved over to the castle in time for the party. The girl encounters many obstacles along the way, only to be rewarded at the end.

    And let's not forget Mr. Tucci. He brilliantly interprets the stories and interjects energy and a light-hearted touch to all he reads. Doctor De Soto showcases Mr. Tucci at his best.

    All six tales are enchanting and some, believe it or not, leave you with a moral whether you were looking for one or not. If you find yourself on a short road trip, or even just driving around town with the kids, THE ONE AND ONLY SHREK! will help the time go that much faster.

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