Foundations of Betrayal: How the Liberal Super Rich Undermine America by Phil Kent


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  • Pub. Date: May 2007
  • 175pp
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    • Pub. Date: May 2007
    • Publisher:Zoe Publications (SC)
    • Format: Hardcover, 175pp


    There are many wonderful charitable foundations that help Americans achieve a better standard of life. But there are also thousands of wealthy tax-exempt foundations that work to undermine our free enterprise system, traditional culture and national sovereignty. Phil Kent strips the bark off of America's "charitable" tree to expose these super-rich elites for what they are - political battering rams hiding under the banner of charity.

    "The invisible government" of these left-wing foundations, the groups they fund and the politicians who fawn over them tend to operate under the cloak of secrecy. Foundations of Betrayal uncovers their devious agendas and tactics. Kent lifts the curtain to expose the shocking ways these foundations abuse their awesome power: Major foundations hijacked to attack capitalism, Billionaire George Soros targets U.S. as "the main obstacle", Ford's agenda- helping radical Muslims and even suicide bombers, Foundation-backed Greenpeace undermines U.S. troops, Huge grants for radical environmentalism, open borders.

    About the Author:
    Phil Kent is president of Phil Kent Consulting, Inc. and once served as president of the Southeastern Legal Foundation

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