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    It's Time by Judith Mammay, Todd Fargo (Illustrator)


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    • Pub. Date: May 2007
    • 32pp
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      • Pub. Date: May 2007
      • Publisher:Jason & Nordic Publishers
      • Format: Paperback, 32pp


      Second grader, Tommy, who has autism, is in a general classroom with an understanding teacher. Sometimes, he forgets to use his words and acts out his frustration when his routine is upset and he's not sure what is coming next. The story realistically addresses some of the anxieties on Tommy's part as well as those of the other children. A little mouse on each page will help children understand Tommy's problem.

      It's Time is brightly illustrated and provides insight as well as offering possibilities for others in the same situation.

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      Mayra Calvani -- Midwest Book Reviewby Anonymous

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      June 04, 2007: Does your child suffer from autism? Do you know what autism is? Would you like to teach to young children what this condition is without scaring them? Then I recommend you to get this book. It?s Time is the story of Tommy, a young boy who suffers from this so-often-misunderstood condition. He finds it hard to think in words and to express those words so that people may understand him. He needs to follow a strict routine, otherwise he gets incredibly frustrated and even afraid. However, by following a few simple rules, he is able to control his temper and fear of the unexpected. Mammay addresses not only Tommy?s fears and frustrations, but also those of his classmates as well. This is a helpful book to read to children so they will understand how to behave with children with special needs such as Tommy. The simple, colorful illustrations present the different scenarios effectively. At the corner of each page, enclosed in a small square, is a cute mouse demonstrating the emotion that Tommy is feeling at each particular moment. The author is a special education teacher who has worked with children with autism. She writes with a straight-forwardness and sensitivity necessary in a story like this. It?s Time is the type of book that will encourage an interesting class discussion among young primary school children.