The Face behind the Veil by Donna Gehrke-White

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  • Pub. Date: March 2007
  • 320pp
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    • Pub. Date: March 2007
    • Publisher:Kensington Publishing Corporation
    • Format: Paperback, 320pp


    For years, the image of the Muslim woman in America has been as mysterious as the face behind the veil. Is she garbed in the traditional hijab and chador? Is she subservient to a male-dominated culture and religion? Does she shop for groceries, do her nails, go to the gym? In this moving book, journalist Donna Gehrke-White provides a rare, revealing look into the hearts, minds, and everyday lives of Muslim women in America. Here in their own words are the many different voices of doctors, soccer moms, rebels, reformers, former political prisoners, survivors, and activists-women of faith, courage, hope, and change-all Muslims, all Americans.

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    In the aftermath of 9/11, profound interest in humanizing the face of American Islam has risen remarkably. Nowhere is this more evident than in the confluence of religion and women's studies, where the voices of American Muslims have been mined as a means to get at that authentically ambiguous entity, the modern woman behind the veil. Journalist Gehrke-White's work follows equally enlightening efforts such as last year's Living Islam Out Loud: American Muslim Women Speak and Shattering the Stereotypes: Muslim Women Speak Out. Gehrke-White rarely interjects herself into the narrative, but instead offers a brief introduction before presenting 50 oral narratives organized around categories like "The New Traditionalists," "The Converts," "The Persecuted," "The Changers," and "The Blenders." Closer to reportage than narrative, this book is weakened only by the lack of a conclusion or final synthesis. Included, however, are 16 pages of color photographs. In their diversity, forthrightness, and honesty, the voices of these women ultimately sound more American than anything else-and therein lies the strength of this book. Recommended where interest warrants.-Sandra Collins, Duquesne Univ. Lib., Pittsburgh Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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    A Wonderful Book about Religious Women in Americaby Anonymous

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    April 02, 2006: I'm recommending this new book that takes a personal look at Muslim women in America. This Christian author discusses her encounters with Muslim women and the problems they have met in practicing their religion. It reveals the prejudices that exist and the difficulties that their dress and prayer schedules present. The interviews are candid and some of the women have become friends of the author. This is the first of a trilogy on women and religion in America. Future books will present Christian and Jewish women. The author makes a very good presentation.

    `Women speaking from their heart'by Anonymous

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    March 20, 2006: A well written book by a person that is not an expert but gets to the heart of the matter by speaking to many women across the nation about their beliefs.

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