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    Manga Cross-Stitch: Make Your Own Graphic Art Needlework by Helen McCarthy


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    • Pub. Date: August 2009
    • 128pp
    • Sales Rank: 1,068,853
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      • Pub. Date: August 2009
      • Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing
      • Format: Hardcover, 128pp
      • Sales Rank: 1,068,853


      Manga Cross-Stitch: Make Your Own Graphic Art Needlework is a bold, new, contemporary approach to the time-honored skills of needlework. Readers and cross-stitchers get a new twist on the old craft as they learn how to use the tricks of Japanese graphic art mixed with the skills of traditional needlecraft to make cute, action-packed, stylish images.

      The book includes easy, step-by-step instructions for cross-stitch beginners and insightful information for manga novices. Materials, techniques, and skills are clearly explained and help simplify the art form. Patterns include "school's out," "super robo," "happy birthday manga," and many other cute and chibi characters.

      Also included is a CD with hundreds of unique manga designs. On the CD are charts for printing out and stitching. Plus, the software included lets artists create their own personalized manga designs by creating their own color palettes.

      This isn't your grandma's needlework.


      Helen McCarthy has written seven books and countless articles about Japanese animation and comics. She travels the world lecturing on anime and manga and is often seen on TV documentaries, at film festivals, and at fan conventions. She learned to cross-stitch when she was four years old.

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      graphic art needlework with CD instructionsby CBH

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      November 23, 2009: Note: my wife, Mary, who is the master craft person in our home, wrote this review.

      Although the particular graphics in this book don't interest me, I found the instructions clear and concise. It has prodded me to attempt creating my own graphics. The books contents are arranged so even a novice can follow with ease.

      An endless possibility of creativity can be achieved following the guidelines given. The enclosed CD proved helpful in my trek through the process of design.