Essentials of Das-II Assessment (Includes CD-ROM) by Ron Dumont, Colin D. Elliott, John O. Willis


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Textbook (Paperback - Includes CD-ROM)

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  • 402pp
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  • ISBN-13: 9780470225202
  • Edition Description: Includes CD-ROM
  • Edition Number: 1
  • Pub. Date: November 2008
  • Publisher:Wiley
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  • Pub. Date: November 2008
  • Publisher:Wiley
  • Format: Textbook Paperback, 402pp
  • Sales Rank: 1,344,471


Essentials of DAS-IIO+Assessment is the best source of information on the new edition of the DASO+instrument, providing you with illuminating case reports, expert assessment of the test's relative strengths and weaknesses, and valuable advice on its clinical applications. Written by Ron Dumont, John Willis, and Colin Elliott, this book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing customizable Excel worksheets, PDF files, and Microsoft Word documents to conveniently allow you to add your own DAS-II evaluation results.

Reviewer: Gary B Kaniuk, Psy.D.(Cermak Health Services)
Description: This book describes the DAS-II (Differential Ability Scales-Second Edition), a test of cognitive abilities, developed in 2007, focusing on administration, scoring, and interpretation procedures, as well as clinical applications and examples. The first edition of the test was introduced in 1990. This is a volume in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series.
Purpose: It is designed to be a helpful reference to "all examiners, whether they have prior experience with the DAS or are just learning the DAS-II," according to the authors.
Audience: The book is intended for experienced clinicians and novice, although graduate students in psychology would benefit as well. Dr. Dumont is associate professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Dr. Willis is senior lecturer in assessment at River College in New Hampshire, and Dr. Elliot is adjunct professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara and has authored two books on the DAS.
Features: An introduction to the DAS-II begins the book, which then explores administration, scoring, and interpretive guidelines and presents four extensive case reports. This literally is a step-by-step approach to understanding the DAS-II. Shaded boxes, titled "Rapid Reference," are extremely helpful, as are the numerous figures/tables. One of the best features is the accompanying CD-ROM that provides Microsoft Word documents, Excel worksheets, and PDF files for the evaluations. Chapter six on the strengths and weaknesses of the test is an even-handed look at the test and how best to use it. The appendixes include the Upper Early Years Interpretive Worksheet and School-Age Interpretive Worksheet. The book contains both a reference section and an annotated bibliography.
Assessment: This is an excellent book for learning how to administer, score, and interpret the DAS-II. The step-by-step approach is invaluable, along with the illustrative case reports. It is one of those books that you really must have in order to be an effective psychometrician and report writer. The book is especially helpful for those with no experience with the test. Readers will not be disappointed.

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Ron Dumont, EdD, is Associate Professor at Fairleigh DickinsonUniversity.

John O. Willis, EdD, is Senior Lecturer in Assessment at RivierCollege in New Hampshire.

Colin D. Elliott, PhD, is Adjunct Professor at the GevirtzGraduate School of Education at University of California, SantaBarbara. Dr. Elliott is the author of the DAS® and theDAS-II®.

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