Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World by Jan Goodwin


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(Paperback - REV)

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  • Pub. Date: December 2002
  • 368pp
  • Sales Rank: 817,336
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    • Pub. Date: December 2002
    • Publisher:Penguin Publishing Group
    • Format: Paperback, 368pp
    • Sales Rank: 817,336


    Militant Islam is changing the way millions behave and how nations are governed; its impact on women is devastating. Award-winning journalist Jan Goodwin traveled through ten Islamic countries and interviewed hundreds of Muslim women, from professionals to peasants, from royalty to rebels. The result is an unforgettable, blistering journey into a world where women are confined, even killed, for the sake of a "code of honor" created and zealously enforced by men. This is a world where grandmothers can be whipped for showing a tiny lock of hair, rape victims are imprisoned for "fornication," doctors surgically restore hymens for brides because nonvirgins can be killed by male relatives, and American converts to Islam accept their husbands' polygamy. Price of Honor brings to life a world in which women have become pawns in a bitter power game. Here is a provocative look inside Muslim society -- and a ringing wake-up call to the world.


    Islamic women, the badges of honor for their men, speak out in a timely and stunning book that takes us into the volatile heart and mystery of Islam. A provocative portrait of a culture that has become crucially entwined with our own.

    Publishers Weekly

    Journalist Goodwin travels to 10 countries to interview Muslim women who reveal how their oppressive and confining political systems have affected their lives. (Aug.)

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    Customer Reviews

    Shocking Truthby Anonymous

    Reader Rating:
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    December 07, 2002: Before reading this book I was unaware of the oppression muslim women were facing. This book opened my eyes with shocking accounts and made me truly thankful for what I have.

    I highly recommend this bookby Anonymous

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    June 07, 2003: I loved this book, despite the fact that some sections are extremely sad. It's a powerful, riveting read, and extremely well researched. The author engages the reader in way you feel as if you are right there yourself talking to these women. It was obvious that Goodwin was able to develop a great deal of trust and rapport with the women she interviewed. I was also impressed at the variety of people she spoke with in countries that frequently have strict censorship. The book includes interviews with educated elite women to the impoverished illiterate, from conservative to liberal Muslims, and the author didn't just confine herself to the Arab Muslim world, but included non Arab-Muslim countries. Having read the original version of the book, I still found it extremely helpful to go back and read the updated version, which has just come out, especially in light of 9/11, and the recent U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Price of Honor raised my awareness and understanding significantly of a part of the world we in the U.S. tend not to know a great deal about. Equally important is the fact that the author is very respectful of Islam. I now understand why their faith is so important to Muslims, and just how integrated it is in their every day life and politics. The book is an astounding tour of a large swathe of the Muslim world; the comparison within and between and among the different countries was fascinating. I highly recommend Price of Honor.

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