Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills by Charles Henderson, E. J. Land (Foreword by)


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(Paperback - Reissue)

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  • Pub. Date: October 2001
  • 336pp
  • Sales Rank: 362,735
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    • Pub. Date: October 2001
    • Publisher:Penguin Publishing Group
    • Format: Paperback, 336pp
    • Sales Rank: 362,735


    In the chaos of the combat zone, there are the living, the dead, and the Ghost.

    In the ongoing Iraq conflict, there are no battle lines, no direct offensives, no ground won or lost??just the daily fight against an enemy who hits and runs, hides and sneaks. If the enemy shows himself, it?s only for a moment. But for a Marine Sniper, that is all that is needed.

    Readers now have the opportunity, from these warriors? perspective, to peer into the killing zone through a telescopic lens, down the barrel of a high-powered rifle, and into the very heart of the enemy. The training, the techniques, and the steel will necessary to survive as a sniper are all described in vivid detail.

    Charles Henderson also delves into the core of the enemy??the maniacal ideology, and the tactics that have sown so much violence in Iraq??and how they are all vulnerable to a single bullet from a Ghost.

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    Charles Henderson is a veteran of more than twenty-three years in the United States Marine Corps, with a distinguished career spanning from Vietnam to the Gulf War, after which he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer. In addition to writing his own books and for various publications, he runs his family's cattle enterprise in Peyton, Colorado. His first book was critically acclaimed military classic Marine Sniper, which first chronicled the exploits of U.S.M.C. sniper Carlos Hathcock. He is also the author of Marshalling the Faithful.

    Customer Reviews

    As an ex-Marine and long-range shooter, I thoroughly enjoyed this!by Chipdatajeffb

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    June 29, 2009: Although a contemporary, I never met Carlos Hathcock. I can tell you he was legendary even in his own time. Marine PMIs quoted his exploits. I found Henderson's account of life on the ranges absolutely spot on. I was surprised to find how strongly Carlos Hathcock's personality emerged from the pages of this book. I felt like I knew him by the end, and I wish now that I had known him. This book is not for everyone, but if the title interests you then the writing certainly will captivate you.

    any marine must readby Anonymous

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    July 28, 2011: being a marine myself i have always heard of the legend of carlos hathcock. i was completely engulfed in his adventures. Hathcock is another reason i am proud to be a marine.

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