Momofuku by David Chang, Peter Meehan


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  • Pub. Date: October 2009
  • 304pp
  • Sales Rank: 63,408
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    • Pub. Date: October 2009
    • Publisher:Crown Publishing Group
    • Format: Hardcover, 304pp
    • Sales Rank: 63,408


    It is likely that Manhattan food denizens will greet this book with mixed feelings. On one hand, they will welcome the opportunity to finally have the recipes of master chef David Chang's pork buns and traditional dashi; on the other, they will instantly realize that the restaurant that they once treasured as an East Village secret has now become known to the whole world. Momofuko (literally "lucky peach" in Japanese) first opened in 2003 as a modest First Avenue noodle bar. Since then, Chang and his restaurants have won several James Beard Awards and been the subject of an extended "Chef on the Edge" New Yorker article and Charlie Rose interview. This is the first book by one of the most celebrated young chefs in the county.

    The New York Times - Christine Muhlke

    In both food and tone, Momofuku encapsulates an exciting moment in New York dining. In 20 years, when we're all eating McKimchi burgers and drinking cereal milk, we'll look back fondly on the time when neurotic indie stoners and their love of Benton's bacon changed the culinary landscape.

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    DAVID CHANG is the chef and owner of Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Momofuku Ko, and Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar, all located in New York City's East Village. He has been named a Food & Wine Best New Chef, a GQ Man of the Year, a Rolling Stone Agent of Change, and a Bon Appétit Chef of the Year. He has taken home three James Beard Awards: Rising Star Chef, Best Chef New York City, and Best New Restaurant (Momofuku Ko).

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    Customer Reviews

    Reality Cookingby Ted_Chu

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    October 17, 2009: The Korean American chef David Chang's cookbook, Momofuku, is not a typical cookbook. It talks about his struggles to open a restaurant in New York City, and contains lots of "F bombs" and recipes with exotic hard-to-find ingredients and time-demanding complex preparation. To the surprised (or even shocked) American readers, I would like to draw attention to deeper meaning of Mr. Chang's message.

    Modern consumers (in the West but also increasingly in affluent Asian countries) still cook a lot of meals themselves and enjoy the time in the kitchen. We use highly processed ingredients and follow recipes with a focus on simplicity and quickness. Other than deer hunters and vegetable gardeners, we live in a sanitized world detached from the food sources.

    Momofuku's language and demanding recipes force us to recognize that preparation for food can be a hard, hot, and grueling process, that restaurant is an "ugly, nasty business." This is exactly what every other cookbook wants to cover up. We eat animal corpses and eat plants alive. Reflection of this fact makes us uncomfortable. We want to avoid this reflection sitting at the dinner table. We much prefer thinking about how nice the Almighty is in creating these animals and plants for us as rulers of the world to enjoy. But here is the advantage of the Eastern way of realistic thinking about human nature, which could provide deep motivation for changing it.

    I have long wondered, as Mr. Chang does, why there is no pig head for sale in supermarkets. He includes the recipe for a pig's head torchon (a cylindrical pâté) with instructions to "grasp that fact" that "pigs have heads." You may have tasted pig tongues and ears. Let me assure you, the other parts of the pig's head are just as delicious, with different flavors and textures. And by the way, the cheek muscle is one of the most tasteful parts of a fish. Read on at

    David Chang:Up Close, Personal & the Recipes!by CJMistral

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    January 23, 2010: I bought this book for my husband, a chef (we own & operate a restaurant ourselves) because we were hoping to repeat the magic that David Chang creates in his unique restaurants. If you don't live in NYC or don't read the food critics, you might not know about David Chang. He has won countless awards for his creativity & innovation. He's been featured in countless food shows & magazines. But perhaps the greatest accolades come from the NYC chefs who flock to his restaurant after they finish their shifts. His food is sublime,simply delicious & totally satisfying! We savored his Pork Buns, among other treats, when we were in NY last year & we wondered how he did it. How great to find a cookbook to let us in on the secrets! My husband just made David's Pork Belly... the buns are yet to be created since we live in Vermont & don't have a local Asian purveyor but the pork is so wonderful! It's been rendered so that a lot of the fat is gone & only the wonderful flavor remains...similar to duck's like bacon confit. I can't tell you how fantastic it is! I'm not a cook but I thank my stars for marrying one...but I do believe these recipes are possible for most food-loving people. The book itself is full of anecdotes, fantastic photos & easy instructions about how to do things. I love a cookbook with photos because they make me want to have that item & this book is so full of mouth-watering photos that you come away drooling. It's also a book for people in the restaurant business because David discusses the the work of feeding his customers & the process of creating & building his restaurants...the ideas, ideals, menus, glitches, etc. It's a great read even if you're not a cook.AND the photos will leave you salivating. I feel fortunate to have tasted David Chang's food at his Noodle Bar & Ssam Bar because it has given us the desire to re-create his magic here in Vermont. Buy this book! It will inspire you!

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