Censoring Science: Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen and the Surprising Truth About Global Warming by Mark Bowen


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  • Pub. Date: December 2007
  • 336pp
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    • Pub. Date: December 2007
    • Publisher:Penguin Publishing Group
    • Format: Hardcover, 336pp


    From acclaimed writer and physicist Mark Bowen, Censoring Science tells the true story of the Bush administration's censorship of the world's preeminent climatologist, and the science behind global warming that they do not want you to know.

    The facts don't lie:
    • 2005 was the warmest year since the invention of the thermometer.
    • 2006 is on track to become the hottest year ever recorded in the United States.
    • The six hottest years on record have occurred in the last eight years, and the twenty-two hottest years on record have occurred in the last twenty-six years.

    Preeminent climatologist and leading NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen has been studying climate for over three decades. It was his testimony to a Senate committee in 1988 that first brought the threat of global warming to the world's attention. In January 2006, news broke that the Bush administration had been attempting to censor Dr. Hansen—obscuring his message and suppressing the vast body of his scientific work, which unequivocally demonstrates the reality and immense danger of global warming.

    Now, for the first time and with unfiltered access, writer and physicist Mark Bowen finally tells the exclusive story of Hansen's decades-long battle to bring the truth about global warming to light. Censoring Science illuminates the real science behind global warming and maintains that we can still prevent environmental disaster, while both strengthening our economy and our national security. In the tradition of Ron Suskind's blockbuster bestseller, The Price of Loyalty, Censoring Science exposes the truth behind the administration's spin doctors, and shares the inside story of one of the most important and influential scientists of our time.

    Jeffrey Beall - Library Journal

    Science journalist Bowen (Thin Ice: Unlocking the Secrets of Climate in the World's Highest Mountains) tells the story of Dr. James Hansen, a climate scientist at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and his suppressed attempts to warn the public about global warming and climate change. Bowen details how NASA's press office, under pressure from the Bush administration, censored or toned down press releases and prevented scientists from speaking to the media. In rambling and digressive detail, the author recounts how a Bush political appointee redacted scientific reports to describe global warming as an unproven theory. This work is partly a biography of Hansen and partly an explanation of climatology, and it shows what goes wrong when science and politics mix. The bleak subject matter-global warming and censorship-makes for depressing reading. Bowen's seemingly endless descriptions of NASA's office politics beg for editing, and his text, which is not organized chronologically, reads as if it were stitched together from shorter pieces. Recommended only for larger research libraries. [For better accounts on the Bush administration's attacks on science, see Chris Mooney's The Republican War on Scienceand Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle over Global Warming.-Ed.]

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    Mark Bowen is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Thin Ice, which was praised as “one of the best books yet published on climate change” (New York Review of Books) and named the best science book of 2005 by NPR's Living on Earth. An avid climber with a Ph.D. in physics from MIT, Bowen has written articles for Climbing, Natural History, and Technology Review.

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    James Hanson was able to stay on the job at NASA, something theby Anonymous

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    June 30, 2013: James Hanson was able to stay on the job at NASA, something the Bush administration could have terminated, and was allowed to both continue as a government employee and travel while pontificating about global warming. The e-mail disclosures from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia exposed Mr. Hanson's colleagues as the conspiracy it was, that is to say, they were the REAL deniers of science. If you want a book about the war on science in this area, get the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming by Chris Horner or S. Fred Singer's book Unstoppable Global Warming. (both available at B&N) Look up the Petition Project online or youtube's The Great Global Warming Swindle.